Sabal is electrical tandem rotor UAV specifically engineered and crafted to conduct aerial deliveries in diverse geographical terrains.
Alakh is a novel lightweight airframe that has a highly ecient and reliable payload dropping mechanism used for longer and successful delivery missions.
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Sabal 10 & 20

Sabal includes a highly optimised, innovative electric tandem-rotor unmanned helicopter design for high efficiency of the larger rotor size of the helicopter with the excellent load-carrying ability of the tandem rotor helicopter configuration with a variable-speed electric propulsion system to compensate for the reduction in density by increasing rotor rpm and variable blade pitch.

Sabal 10 & 20, is rotor tandem UAV with electric propulsion system engineered for unparalleled efficiency, with vertical take-off and landing capabilities while ensuring optimal performance and endurance even in adverse weather conditions.

It is a game-changing logistics drone weighing under 40 to 60 kg with a 10 to 20 kg payload. The design has been inspired by the Boeing Chinook. Crafted with 65% indigenous components, it embodies India’s innovation at its core.

Technical Specification

Up To 10km​

40 kg​ / 60 Kg

50 km/hr
Maximum Speed

25 Knots Upto
Wind Resistance

40 Min​

5500m AMSL / 500m AGL
Launch Altitude

Operating Temperature:
-25°c to + 55°c


Logistic Delivery & Payload Drop:
Up To 10kg/20 Kg


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    Logistic Delivery

    Taking logistics to new heights with drones, cutting through red tape and delivering with lightning speed.

    Fragment of an abandoned two-story building after military operations in Donetsk region

    Payload Dropping

    Delivering payloads with pinpoint precision, our drone swoops in like a hawk, dropping packages right on target.

    detail of steel light pipeline in oil refinery


    Keeping an eagle eye on security, our surveillance drone patrols the skies, leaving no stone unturned. surveillance

    Abandoned Building Interior In Chernobyl Zone. Chornobyl Disasters


    unleashing drone power for confined area surveillance.

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